Why men and women have different dental needs

January 30, 2024

Men and women have obvious differences, but did you know that dental needs are affected by your sex?

There are certain issues that both males and females need to watch out for, here are Skye Dental in Capalaba our friendly, caring dentist can help with this.

You might be wondering what the differences are, well in this blog this question will be answered.


Woman throughout life experience many hormonal changes, and these fluxes can have a big impact on a woman’s health of her teeth and gums; this is most common during pregnancy.

Here at Skye Dental in Capalaba our Principal Dentist Dr Jena Ward says the most common dental issues that can arise during pregnancy are:

  • Morning sickness (this can coat teeth in stomach acids that damage tooth enamel)
  • Sore swollen gums or bleeding gums (if an underlying gumdisease exists such as periodontal disease, pregnancy canworsen it)
  • Gum ulcers
  • Gum growths such as pyogenic granuloma
  • Wobbly teeth
  • Decreased saliva flow which can lead to dry mouth
  • Pregnancy cravings and frequent snacking to reduce nauseawhich can include a lot of sugary foods

Now I know this may sound like a lot, but the good news to all these issues is that they are preventable if you work with your dentist during pregnancy. And here at Skye Dental in Capalaba all our caring dentists can help with these issues.

The best time to have a dental checkup is when you are planning for a baby, now of course we understand that not all pregnancies are planned so the next best time is late in the first trimester. In this check up your dentist will give advice on how to care for your teeth during pregnancy.


According to research, it has been known that men are more likely to ignore their oral health, which in turn tend to experience higher rates of periodontal disease. Men are also less likely to visit the dentist than women. And when men do go it’s most likely to be because of an acute problem and less likely for disease prevention.

With research it has been known that men are more than twice as likely than women to develop oral cancer. This includes cancer of the mouth, lips, tonsils, and tongue. Although these cancers have been known to be on the rise in both men and women over the past decade, the lifetime risk of developing oral cancer in Australia is around one in 90 for men and one in 200 for women.

Researchers believe that men may be more likely to develop this type of cancer as they tend to indulge in smoking and drinking more heavily than women. But the good news is that these are preventable with these simple steps below:

- Brushing your teeth at least twice a day

- Use fluoride toothpaste

- Floss between your teeth at least once a day

- Follow a healthy and balanced diet

- Replace your toothbrush at least every three months (or toothbrush head if you use

an electric toothbrush)

- See your dentist regularly for a checkup

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