Dental Anxiety Management

We appreciate that there is an innate fear or sometimes a certain level of shame when visiting the dentist. Skye Dental offers a gentle and friendly service to assist with dental anxiety management.  If you delay visiting the dentist or dread the thought of undergoing simple dental procedures, you could be suffering from dental anxiety. This is a fundamental obstacle that prevents maintaining optimal oral health.


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How Can Skye Dental Assist With Dental Anxiety Management?

In light of modern dentistry, we have several tools to assist with dental anxiety management. All treatments are explained fully prior to commencing. There are many minimally invasive treatments that can help to make your trip to the dentist a more pleasant experience. Nitrous oxide (gas dentistry) can also be used for children and adults to help make the dental experience more comfortable. When the treatment is over, the effects wear off within 5 minutes.

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Step 1: Making The Appointment

At the first appointment, the dentist will not do any treatment if requested. They will have a friendly discussion about dental history and gain an understanding of the severity of the phobia. Speak to our friendly staff, inform them of your dental anxieties/phobias. We understand that making it through that door is a big first step.

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Step 2: Attending The Appointment

Our our staff have experience supporting patients with dental anxiety and phobia, they’re a great source of comfort to our patients as well. The team at Skye Dental will help to try and make your experience better than you imagined. These two steps are a huge achievement. We hope that you can let us help you through it.

With Skye Dental’s dental anxiety management a gentle, friendly and quality service are our goals. To find out more about our services, please get in contact with our friendly team on 07 3823 1896 or use our simple online booking system to make an appointment.

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