Zoom Whitening

September 16, 2022

Phillips Zoom Whitening is an in-chair alternative whitening treatment that offers immediate results. It is important to note that fillings, crowns or veneers will not change colour with the whitening treatment as the gel itself is designed to work on tooth enamel. However, if you do go ahead and want the colours to match these works would need replacement after treatment, this will encounter additional costs. Please note that no teeth whitening treatment can permanently keep your teeth bright without the appropriate dental hygiene care. However, with the correct aftercare and good oral hygiene the results can last for years.

How does it work?

Zoom teeth whitening uses a LED light that accelerates the whitening process in comparison to other whitening methods. The process starts by applying a whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide to the teeth, the LED light is then directed onto the solution to activate the whitening process. Depending on the severity of discolouration or desired results, it may take more than one application to be effective. Often most people go for three rounds. The entire process generally takes around 90 minutes to complete.

Is ZOOM teeth whitening right for me?

Teeth whitening is not always a suitable treatment option for some patients, if you have gum disease or severe sensitivity it is best to avoid having whitening done. We also strongly encourage pregnant women and new mothers who are still breastfeeding to avoid whitening. This is because there is a risk of whitening gel ending up in breast milk and the placenta.

ZOOM teeth whitening aftercare instructions

Ensure after having your zoom treatment that you are continued regular flossing and using a white toothpaste to keep your teeth bright. This is because the coloured substances may be absorbed by the whitening teeth and may create stains. After having you zoom whitening done it is fine to eat however it is important to avoid foods and drinks that are coloured. Foods to avoid for a week after whitening include chocolate, caramel, soy sauce, berries, red wine, black tea, coffee and beer. The best foods to eat to ensure long term results are eggs, basic sandwiches, poultry, potatoes, rice and beverages like water, milk and apple juice are great.

To ensure you’re a suitable candidate for ZOOM whitening treatment, we encourage all patients to book in for a dental check and clean. To find out more information about Skye Dental’s professional ZOOM whitening treatment in Brisbane, please get in contact with our friendly team on 07 3823 1896 or use our simple online booking system to make an appointment.

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