Prevention is better than the cure, some could say even when it comes to the ageing process. Helping serve the local community, Skye Dental’s facial injectables and dermal fillers in Capalaba aim to provide a professional service that you can trust.Are you concerned about wrinkles, frown lines or crow’s feet around your eyes? Or perhaps you’re seeking definition or volume in or around your lips? With Skye Dental’s quality dental facial injectables and dermal fillers in Brisbane, you can now even combine your wrinkle relaxer and dermal filler treatments with the convenience and expertise of your regular six monthly check up and clean.

Do you know that dentists have possibly the highest undergraduate training in facial anatomy and perform gentle injection techniques in the face area on a daily basis? Skye Dental’s dentists are trained in dento-facial aesthetics and facial injectables, who will ensure your safety at all times in a modern and sterile clinical environment. At Skye Dental we can also offer effective local anaesthetic techniques to help make the experience more comfortable.

The therapeutic and cosmetic injectable procedures offered at Skye Dental include:

Forehead lines

Crow’s Feet

Bunny nose lines

Smoker’s Lips

Assist in preventing symptoms from TMD/TMJ

Help reduce grinding or clenching teeth

Improve a gummy smile

face fillers

Dermal filler treatments that we provide at Skye Dental include:

Lip volume enhancement and augmentation

Lip definition

Nasio-labial folds

Marionette lines

Please print and complete the below Medical History form prior to your visit at Skye Dental. We also recommend that you read the FAQ on cosmetic injectable provided below:

To ensure you’re suitable for your desired treatment, we encourage all patients to take advantage of our consultation service. To find out more information about Skye Dental’s professional dental facial injectables and dermal fillers in Brisbane, please get in contact with our friendly team on 07 3823 1896 or use our simple online booking system to make an appointment.

dermal fillers

Note: Wrinkle relaxer injections are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Driving ability is not usually impaired by the treatment, and you can resume normal activity afterwards, although sunbathing or exercising is to be avoided. We offer local anaesthetic, sedatives or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to optimize your comfort however the injections are usually no more painful than a mosquito bite or pinprick. It generally takes two weeks to feel the full benefits of the treatment, and continues to work for about to 3 -6 months. Some patients repeat injections 6 monthly, in the convenience of their dental maintenance appointments.

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