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If you’re looking for a simple and non-invasive way to improve your smile, Skye Dental’s quality teeth whitening in Brisbane helps to refresh your smile! Skye Dental aims to deliver a pleasant teeth whitening experience and lighter teeth shades for patients.

Using innovative teeth whitening equipment, an hour in the chair at Skye Dental, stained and discoloured teeth can be transformed via teeth whitening in Brisbane. These procedures are best performed after a professional clean to remove any superficial staining, for improved, more long lasting results.

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Skye Dental Offers:

First Step – Teeth Whitening Consult

We always advise patients to have a dental assessment before commencing teeth whitening to ensure their teeth and gums are suitable to undergo the treatment.

In Chair Once Off Teeth Whitening Treatment

The chair once off whitening treatment is the perfect solution for those who need of teeth whitening but their schedule doesn’t allow the time to do so. This option is perfect for the time poor.Skye Dental offers quality teeth whitening in Brisbane that can you long lasting results in very little time. We employ the light accelerating bleaching technology to help remove discolouration.

Take Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kits

Skye Dental offers the convenience of a take-home teeth whitening kit. This simple kit can be used to brighten your smile from the comfort of your own home.As a dentistry clinic that prides itself on providing safe and quality solutions to oral related problems, our teeth whitening kits are custom designed to suit your teeth shape and requirements to ensure optimal results.

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Factors of discolouration of your teeth can include:




Red wine

Dark foods

Prescription drugs

Emergency dental care

Emergency dental care

Over-fluoridated water

Chemicals in coffee, tea or carbonated drinks

If you have discolouration or are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, at Skye Dental we offer consultations to discuss the cause of the discolouration prior to offering options.

Will Tooth Whitening soften my enamel?

Tooth whitening does not soften your enamel. It dehydrates your tooth temporally while the whitening is happening and is completely reversed once complete. Also tooth whitening does not increase your chances of decay or wear of your enamel.

Is teeth whitening right for you?

A comprehensive examination is the ideal way to determine whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for teeth whitening. Sometimes there is a need to address other factors prior, like tooth decay or unhealthy gums. Some people suffer from tooth sensitivity and this needs to be discussed prior with a dental professional.

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Let one of our friendly staff discuss getting a consultation to discuss teeth whitening in Capalaba.

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